Code, pixels and voxels

Some years ago, I went to the university to study software engineering and medical image processing. Though, to validate my MSc, I've decided to give a try to a different field: satellite imaging for Earth observation.

During my years in remote sensing, I worked mainly at Thales for the Pleiades satellite missions (ground segment, ESA/CNES), in Toulouse, France. I had the chance to work on topics such as colorimetry, pansharpening, hyperspectral images, corelation/stitching, compression (mostly using wavelets) and more generaly signal/image processing. Back then, I was mostly writing C/C++ code for Pleiades' image processing pipeline but also used Python for prototyping.

In 2016, I moved to Montréal, Canada, to come back to medical imaging. I joined Alan Evans' lab: McGill Center for Integrative Neuroscience, which is part of the Montréal Neurological Institute. Now, I focus mainly on 3D web-based visualization of neuro-related datasets (MRI, fMRI, EEG, BigBrain, etc.), where I bring my expertise in low level computation.

In addition to that, I am also really into photography (mostly film photography lastly) and I design geographic maps on my spare time.

Other info:

Some projects

QuickGui, sample project using Quickvoxel Core

#BrainHack2018 MRI Rendering WebGL

Run the project or watch the video. See the repo

MRI visualization toolkit to embed everywhere

MRI Rendering WebGL Blending

See the demo. See the repo

image processing pipeline in pure Javascript

Image processing Browser Javascript 2D 3D

See the website, the demo and a repo

Bigbrain multiresolution viewer

WebGL GLSL Javascript Obliques

See the demo. See the repo


WebGL Minc Javascript Obliques

See the demo. See the repo

Mni Obj reader

WebGL Mesh Javascript

See the demo. See the repo


WebGL Minc Point cloud Obliques Javascript

See the demo. See the repo


WebGL Point cloud Javascript

See the demo (use data from here to run it). See the repo


Image processing Javascript Canvas

See the demo. See the repo


Arduino LED

See the repo


Photo portfolio

Photo Street Architecture

See the portfolio.

The Map Crafter

Map Poster Shop

Go to The Map Crafter (and order a beautiful poster!).

Street art from here and there

Photo Street art

Go to the album of street art.

Nice Mobile

Photo Cars

Go to the album of nice mobiles.

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